European Bicycle Sales Projection - Thousand Units

The Positive Cycling Trend

We are experiencing a very positive cycling trend. Not only in Europe but worldwide. And cycling will continue to have a major role to play in response to mega trends such as #health, #environment and #mobility.

In addition to growing demand and changing consumption patterns, the introduction of new and promising products and technologies makes this market very interesting.

This is also “WHY” new stakeholders, in rapidly increasing numbers, now want to get engaged in cycling and/or micromobility related businesses.

And this, in turn, generates very interesting market movements.

A Market in Transformation

The Bicycle Industry and Trade, as we know it, will not be the same if we look just a few years ahead. And a transformation is very much needed.

The Industry and Trade have the brands and products to meet the end-users rapidly changing demand and expectations – no doubt about that.

But the incumbents urgently need to update their present value propositions which still are too focused on product and price while the end-users are demanding convenience and value-of-use, sustainability and, above all, experience.

The Industry and Trade also lack an up-to-date and efficient supply- and distribution chain. Lack in digitalization, sub-optimal cost structures and rapidly increasing competition from new stakeholder groups require the Bicycle Industry and Trade to act – NOW.

In particular, the last links in the chain – reaching from warehouses to end-users – urgently needs a transformation.

HumanKapital is deeply involved in bicycle related businesses since more than 13 years. And we have every intention to continue.

Investor & Advisor to Bicycle Industry & Trade

 HumanKapital is taking an active part in the development of the Bicycle Industry and Trade since 2008. So inspiring!

Based on the knowledge, experiences and networks we have built up – as advisor, executive, board member and/or investor in multiple companies along the present value- and supply chain – we will continue contributing to the growth, expansion and, above all, transformation of the European Bicycle Industry and Trade as we presently know it.

Keeping a Close Eye on Future Mobility

The mobility landscape is evolving rapidly. With the world being forced to take action to save the environment as well as to improve health and mobility, it is not surprising that both incumbents as well as new entrants are presently investing heavily to be able to offer future modes of mobility.

Any stakeholder who wants to be involved in the movement of people and goods, should identify where and how it want to be engaged in the future – and act now.

As with most transformations due to new technologies and rapid change in demand, opportunities will be huge and growth rates tremendous. But there will also be risks – both associated with action and non-action.

MicroMobility – A Rapidly Growing Segment

MicroMobility is offering the convenience of having easy access to Light (Electric) Vehicles for short distance travelling and movement of goods.

HumanKapital is continuously tracking the development trends and keeping a close eye on existing as well as new stakeholders with the potential of becoming winners in the “MicroMobility Movement”.

Our mission is to be ahead of the game, understanding “when” and “why” the MicroMobility Segment will transform into a profitable and long-lasting market. We are also building scenarios on “how” this transformation will potentially affect the Traditional Bicycle Industry and Trade as well as the present Light Vehicle Market.

Investing in Sustainable Mobility

Drawing on our 13+ years experience within the Traditional Bicycle Industry and Trade, we feel comfortable acting as advisors to industrial-, venture capital and private equity investors considering taking an active part in the development of the “MicroMobility Movement”.

HumanKapital will also extend its own investment focus – from pure bicycle related companies to companies providing MicroMobility. 

The Battery Economy

The development of new battery technologies and the establishment of a Circular Battery Economy for mobility applications is the third area of interest for us.

HumanKapital is continuously tracking the development trends and keeping a close eye on existing as well as new stakeholders entering these market segments.

Investing in the Circular Battery Market

The establishment of a Circular Battery Market for mobility applications is also an area which we are considering extending our own investment focus to. 

”Clean energy is the key to European Green Deal, but our increasing reliance on batteries in, for example, transport should not harm the environment.”
-Frans Timmermans, EVP for the European Green Deal
 ”Swappable batteries are a real ecological game-changer for the entire e-scooter industry. As the leading European player we are proud to be the first ones to operate with this model.”
-Lawrence Leuschner, CEO, TIER Mobility

All images above: MCF Corporate Finance – MicroMobility Team