Sustainable Business

With a true passion for business and a strong belief that sustainability is both essential and profitable, we support growing and profitable companies with lasting values.

HumanKapital was founded in 1998 to support companies with legal and financial advice. We still do!

Over the years – as the importance of environmental, social and governance factors have grown – so has our commitment to ESG.

To further support Sustainable Business we also engage in Responsible Investment into carefully selected ventures.

Advisor & Investor

HumanKapital provides strategic and transformative legal and financial advice assisting owners, board of directors and business leaders to develop, grow and scale their businesses to the benefit of present and future stakeholders.

We also act as investor – or pro-active co-owner, rather – in carefully selected growth and scale-up ventures.


Our mission is to be a dedicated and pro-active advisor and co-owner in the ventures of today and tomorrow. We commit to stay onboard for as long as we continue to add value – i.e. for as long as our knowledge, investments and networks make a difference – both for the company and for a sustainable future.